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CliniWorks EarlySense ElMindA immunarray
CliniWorks EarlySense ElMindA immunarray
Immune Pharmaceuticals InSightec novocure Ornim
Immune Pharmaceuticals InSightec novocure Ornim Medical
RDD Pharma SHL    
RDD Pharma SHL Telemedicine    




Located in: Ramat Hafharon, Israel and Cambridge, MA

Nitzan Sneh, Chief Executive Officer

CliniWorks' technologies provide business solutions to big-data problems. Cliniworks' analytics platform accelerates clinical research and drug development, providing significant competitive advantage in shortening time-to-market, reducing costs, mitigating risk and enabling informed decision-making.  Cliniworks also helps healthcare providers meet market demands addressing - hospital performance, quality of care, patient-safety, compliance and meaningful use.

CliniWorks’ technology aggregates multiple clinical data sources into a single, HIPAA-compliant searchable repository to enable data query, analysis, and actionable evidence-based decisions. Through the award winning Accel™ platform, CliniWorks provides actionable reports to identify gaps in clinical care across disease areas and provides a flexible user interface to enable cohort identification for clinical trials. Using real-world evidence, derived from millions of medical sources, CliniWorks provides hospitals with tools to expedite patient enrollment in clinical trials and helps partner pharmaceutical companies. 

CliniWorks was founded in 2007, is based in Cambridge and Waltham MA, with an R&D subsidiary in Israel. It has thousands of users and services millions of transactions daily. CliniWorks’ customer portfolio consists of leading healthcare institutions and pharmaceutical companies in  the U.S, U.K and Israel.



Located in: Ramat Gan, Israel and Waltham, MA

Avner Haplerin, Chief Executive Officer

EarlySense has developed and successfully commercialized innovative monitoring solutions allowing effective supervision of patients in acute care hospitals, rehabilitation and long term care facilities.

The EarlySense system provides contact-free sensing capabilities of patients’ heart rate, respiratory rate and movement. Proprietary algorithms enable nurses to proactively provide personalized supervision and prevent adverse events, reduce the risk of patient falls and other adverse events, such as pressure ulcers. The system can be rapidly deployed across the hospital, and as demonstrated in studies conducted in a number of hospitals, can provide the required information to staff without burdening them with numerous false alerts, while contributing to patient safety, reduced transfers to ICU, enhanced patient satisfaction and overall lower costs. EarlySense systems are currently installed at multiple medical centers in the USA and Europe.

The company is based in Ramat Gan, Israel, with US headquarters in Waltham, MA. Investors in the pirvately held company include US, European and Israeli VCs and individual investors including JK&B Capital, Pitango Venture Capital, Etgar Challenge Fund, ProSeed VC Fund, Docor International Management, Noaber, Bridge Investment Fund, and Peter Soderberg, former President and CEO of Hill-Rom Holdings (NYSE: HRC) and Welch Allyn.



Located in: Herzliya, Israel

Ronen Gadot, Chief Exceutive Officer

ElMindA was founded in 2006, with the vision of revolutionizing the diagnosis and treatment of brain disorders, by opening a new window into the brain, and enabling visualization of the way the brain works.

ElMindA has developed the BNA™ technology platform, which for the first time allows high resolution visualization and evaluation of the complex electrophysiological interconnections of the human brain at work.

BNA™ can be applied to a wide spectrum of indications including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Concussion, ADHD, pain, stroke, depression, and other Central Nervous System related conditions. In addition, the technology serves as a valuable tool in the development of CNS related treatments.

ElMindA’s innovative approach and supporting data have led to partnerships with top pharmaceutical companies and leading neurological and psychiatric institutes around the world. The company has already completed several clinical trials establishing the utility of the BNA™ technology, and its technology is already being utilized by leading pharmaceutical companies as an integral part of their clinical development programs for monitoring drug effect on the brain. The company is currently operating more than 15 BNA Labs™ in collaboration with leading centers in a variety of research fields.



Located in: Revhovot, Israel

D.Scott Batty, Jr., M.D., Chief Executive Officer

ImmunArray Ltd. (IAL) is a privately funded company. Based in Rehovot, Israel. IAL is developing novel in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) tests, based on its iCHIP™ microarray technology platform. Founded in 2006, IAL holds an exclusive, worldwide license from the Weizmann Institute of Science for the iCHIP technology, which provides over 2,000 discrete antibody-level measurements using only a few microliters of blood, saliva or other body fluids.

Using the iCHIP™ and advanced bio-informatics techniques, ImmunArray is developing diagnostic, prognostic and monitoring tests and tools for pharmaceutical development for immune-related disorders across a broad spectrum of inflammatory responses, autoimmune diseases, cancer and other disorders, as well as for selecting the most suitable treatments for, and monitoring therapy responses of individual patients. The company is in the process of developing its first product family of blood tests for screening, detection and monitoring of autoimmune diseases and transplant rejection. The company is currently conducting joint research in collaboration with leading medical centers in the USA, Europe and Israel. First product family, scheduled for launch in early 2013, will support a personalized medicine approach, providing tests for diagnosis, prognosis and therapeutic guidance of autoimmune diseases and for improving transplantation medicine.

Immune Pharmaceuticals

Immune Pharmaceuticals

Located in: Herzliya-Pituach and New York City, with a research lab in Rehvot, Israel

Daniel Teper, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer

Immune Pharmaceuticals is an Israeli-based company developing monoclonal antibodies for a broad range of therapeutic applications, including solid tumors and hematological malignancies, autoimmune, inflammatory and infectious diseases. Monoclonal antibodies are one of the most attractive pharmaceutical markets with annual sales of over $50 billion, continued double digit growth, 5 out of the top 10 pharmaceuticals, high market valuation and rich partnerships, including for earlier development stage drugs.

Immune Pharmaceutical’s discovery platform is focused on improving the efficacy of first generation monoclonal antibodies. The lead technology is NanomAbs, conjugates of monoclonal antibodies and drug-loaded nanoparticles, and was developed at the Hebrew University as an alternative to the antibody drug conjugate technology.

The company is in-licensing clinical stage first-in-class monoclonal antibodies. Its lead program, Bertilimumab, is ready for phase II in Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis) and Severe Asthma. Results from this initial Phase 2 study are expected to be reported in the fourth quarter of 2013. Bertilimumab was originally developed by CAT (now part of MedImmune, the biologics division of AstraZeneca).

Immune Pharmaceuticals portfolio includes additional proprietary product candidates in research and preclinical development. The developed platforms of its NanomAbs® for active cellular based therapy and PPNs® for specific targeting have already proven successful in animal models of several medical indications.


InSightec Ltd.

Located in: Tirat Carmel, Israel and Dallas Texas

Jacob “Kobi” Vortman, Ph.D., President and Chief Executive Officer

Founded in 1999, InSightec Ltd. is privately held by Elbit Imaging, General Electric, MediTech Advisors, and employees. InSightec developed the breakthrough MR guided Focused Ultrasound technology and transformed it into the next generation operating room. Headquartered in Israel, the company has over 130 employees and has invested more than $150 million in research, development, and clinical investigations. The company’s system ExAblate has won several awards for innovation, including the Wall St. Journal Technology Innovation Award and the European Union’s IST grand prize. Time Magazine recently included it among the 50 best inventions.

The ExAblate system was the first system to use the MR guided focused ultrasound technology that combines MRI and high intensity focused ultrasound to thermally ablate tumors inside the body non-invasively. At the present time the system is used to treat multiple commercially approved and research applications including uterine fibroids, breast cancer, prostate cancer, pain palliation of bone metastases, as well as various brain disorders, including brain tumors, neurological disorders and clot lysis for stroke.



Located in: Jersey Isle with US operations in Portsmouth, NH and a research facility in Haifa, Israel

William Doyle, Executive Chairman

Novocure™ is a commercial-stage oncology company dedicated to the advancement of tumor treating fields (TTF) therapy for patients with solid tumors. The TTF therapy is a novel anti-mitotic treatment that has been shown to slow or reverse tumor progression by inducing cell death in certain solid tumors. 

TTF therapy is delivered using non-invasive, insulated transducer arrays that are placed directly on the skin in the region surrounding the tumor, creating an artificial, alternating electric field within the tumor that attracts and repels the charged components of the cells during mitosis. TTF therapy is designed for continuous use throughout the day by the patient, allowing patients to maintain their normal daily routine while treating their disease.

In 2011 the first FDA approved the NovoTTF-100A System for the treatment of glioblastoma multiforme that recurs or progresses after chemotherapy and radiation treatment. The device was approved based on results of a multi-center clinical study of 237 patients. Patients treated with TTF did not experience significant side effects seen with chemotherapy, and reported an improved quality of life, compared to those on chemotherapy.

Novocure is currently sponsoring a number of clinical studies intended to expand the clinical indications for the TTF therapy, including treatments for newly diagnosed glioblastoma tumors, non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), which accounts for 85% of all lung cancers (200,000 new cases annually in the US) and breast cancer.

Novocure is a private company supported by institutional, individual, and strategic investors, including WFD Ventures, Index Ventures, Pfizer Venture Investments, Johnson & Johnson Development Corporation (JJDC) and Lennart Perlhagen, founder of Swedish pharmaceutical company Meda.  Founded in 2000, Novocure is headquartered in the Jersey Isle.  US operations are based in Portsmouth, NH and the company maintains a research facility in Haifa, Israel.


Ornim Medical

Israel Schreiber, Chief Executive Officer

Ornim Medical CerOx™ perfusion monitor enables continuous non-invasive measurement of blood flow and oxygen saturation. Using near infrared light and ultrasound, the CerOx monitors regional hemoglobin oxygen saturation in the brain and in skeletal muscle tissue, supporting every medical procedure done under general anesthesia, monitoring brain-injured patients, and resuscitation. Clinical studies performed with the CerOx monitor demonstrated its ability to replace invasive monitors. The CerOx is FDA-cleared and CE marked.

Neurological injury is often associated with oxygen supply deficits to the brain. Left unchecked, cerebral hypoxia may cause short or long term brain damage, disability or death. Regional perfusion is expected to benefits multiple applications, including high-risk surgery, stroke, sepsis, traumatic brain injury (TBI), occlusive vascular, carotid endarterectomy and plastic surgery. Use of cerebral oximetry has been shown to significantly improve clinical outcomes by reducing adverse events, decrease ventilation time and overall length of stay (LOS).

Ornim Medical, founded in 2004, is privately held. The company has raised in August 2012 a $20 million, with primary investors including OrbiMed Israel, GE Healthymagination Fund and Agate-MAC Fund.

RDD Pharma

RDD Pharma

Located in: Ofakim, Israel

Nir Barak, M.D., Chief Exceutive Officer

RDD Pharma is a drug-device company that developed an intra-anal drug delivery device that delivers a drug to the anal canal in a controlled manner. The company utilizes medications that are already approved for other indications and combining them into its proprietary drug-delivery technology.

Diseases involve the anal canal region are poorly medicated, as ointments applied around the anus only partly reach the affected region while suppositories inserted to the rectum are quickly absorbed to the blood and generally, lack the local effect. RDD drug delivery technology enables direct and controlled application of medications to the anal canal region; therefore increasing effectiveness, reducing likelihood for side effects and improving patients’ compliance. The company is focusing its efforts on providing medical solutions to ano-rectal diseases, to which currently there are limited therapies, including anal fissure, affecting approximately 3 million per year, and fecal incontinence, affecting an estimated 2% of the population. Initial studies conducted by the company demonstrated the feasibility of the technology to contract the rectal sphincter.

RDD Pharma, a privately held company, was founded in 2009 in the Ofakim Incubator, following the licensing of the technology from Clalit Health Services. Primary investors include Capital Point and OrbiMed Israel.


SHL Telemedicine Ltd

Located in Tel Aviv, Israel and Dusseldorf, Germany

Erez Alroy, Co-Chief Executive Officer

SHL Telemedicine is a world leading provider of telemedicine services with over 25 years of experience for over million users. The company's innovative personal ECG technology and devices are at the front tier of technology.

SHL’s latest innovation, the smartheart is the first & only personal and mobile 12 lead ECG device in the market, enabling the detection of ischemic cardiac events. With smartheart any person with a smartphone or tablet can perform a full hospital grade 12 lead ECG without the need for the assistance of a medical professional and send it to his physician/clinic/hospital for diagnosis. All of this within seconds. The smartheart as well as all other SHLs' devices is FDA cleared and bears the CE mark.

In addition, smartheart provides a unique mHealth solution for the significant reduction in readmission rates of post heart attack (MI) patients, one of the most challenging burdens which all healthcare systems are faced with.

SHL's telemedicine solutions are proven to materially reduce the burden of healthcare systems’ costs with regard  to chronic patients (CHF, COPD etc) while improving quality of care and lifestyle of these patients.

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It was a wonderful conference. Well put together with a variety of components that really made it useful. I sent my VP of Ops to meet with the companies that we are able to set up meetings with and he came back and said, "this is a show that we should always attend".

  Barbara Osband, President & CEO, Cambridge Biomedical

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for outstanding help during the New England Life Science confere…nce. Your efforts to introduce Mazor technology to the New England based Spine community produced a great deal of interest.

  Ori Hadomi, CEO, Mazor Robotics Ltd.

…it was well organized and attended and helped get the message out how relevant and important Israel could be for Massachusetts in this field, by way of economic collaboration. As you know, I returned to New York with David Berelowitz, and he also shared with me his opinion of the conference, and he mentioned how he found it to be of great interest an effective.

  Yair Shiran, Economic Minister to North America

It was a very well organized conference, with a great combination of participants and technologies across the Israeli and New England sides.
It is extremely impressive to see the kind of people that you have attracted to the Summit from the big pharma and the venture capital community, and the great service you are offering to Israeli companies...

  Jonathan Solomon CEO, NeuroPhage

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